Safety Audit


Omera is the first WLPGA member in
Bangladesh and so, safety is of paramount
concern to all involved in the LPG
business, from producers through
the supply, storage, handling and
distribution chain, through to the consumer.

Safety Audit & Training At Your Premises

Safety is unequivocally important for our life. It is not just a mere word. At Omera, we conduct our business in such a manner that ensures safety at operations to protect the occupational health of our employees, contractors, and visitors as well as safeguard the environment. Everyone in the organization is obliged to follow and endorse safety throughout the entire value chain. As a leader in providing sustainable energy solutions, it is our moral responsibility to share our best practices and to help raise awareness of safety.

Our objective is to promote steady growth in the LPG industry in an atmosphere of the utmost safety for stakeholders and LPG consumers. Omera's team is dedicated to serving its stakeholders and consumers most safely and professionally. As a part of Omera’s commitment to safety, it promises to carry out our regular safety inspection, audit, and training at your residence, hotel, restaurant, industrial and commercial locations.

Safety Service We Provide

  • Residential Training
  • Industrial Training
  • Safety Training for LPG Usage

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