LPG/Autogas system for refueling station

One of the famous CNG and Petroleum refueling stations near Dhaka

Refueling Station Challenges

The Client has an existing CNG and Petroleum refueling station near Dhaka. However, considering the lack of natural gas pressure and the frequency of refueling, and the low price of LPG compared to petrol and octane, most consumers in the region are switching to LPG as an alternative, cleaner fuel for their vehicles. The client was struggling to cope with these alternative, modern facilities and new business opportunities that were growing rapidly day by day.

Ideal solutions offered by Omera

Considering Omera Priority's outstanding engineering and technical service, strong support and after-sales team, and ability to ensure the availability of LPG, the customer approached us to provide an LPG Autogas system for their existing refueling station. Omera Priority's technical team visited the client's site to check the condition of the site and its compliance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Explosives Authority. After receiving all the legal documents and the required NOC from the customer side, Omera Priority's engineering team designed, delivered and installed the LPG Autogas station using the world's best Autogas equipment and keeping the highest safety standards in mind. Omera Priority's after-sales team provides regular system checks, maintenance and after-sales support to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted operation of the LPG Autogas station. As a result, customers have entered the demanding LPG market for vehicles with modern alternative fuel solutions.

Autogas franchisee


Complete turnkey solution


World class equipment and highest safety standard


Periodic maintenance & after sales service


Ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operation


Extensive availability of LPG supply across Bangladesh