LPG reticulation system for apartment

Concord Lake City, one of the most prominent developers with 126 residential units in Dhaka.

LPG Reticulated System Challenges

The Client has constructed one residential apartment building with 126 residential units, known as Concord Lake City ‘Shapla’. As per Government rules and regulations, the client did not get any natural gas pipeline connection for their newly developed apartment. In such situations, LPG was the only alternative solution. But the use of individual LPG cylinders for each individual household would pose certain difficulties. The 126 units would have to use 126 LPG cylinders, which could have been difficult to handle, interrupt the gas supply and increase safety risks.

Ideal solutions offered by Omera

Considering the market reputation, excellent quality, and service of Omera Priority the client reached us through our 24x7 Hotline customer care number to provide them LPG reticulated system solution. Omera Priority's technical team visited the client's site to check the site condition and made all necessary site measurements for the LPG cylinder bank. Omera Priority's engineering team designed the system considering the maximum flow rate and total monthly consumption and installed the reticulated LPG system using the best quality equipment and maintaining the highest safety standards. Two cylinder banks were set up in the client site and provided with our standard 45 kg LPG cylinder. One cylinder bank remains in operation and another cylinder bank remains on stand-by. Therefore, the client is getting an uninterrupted gas supply and knows exactly when to order the gas refills. The residential unit owners are now stress-free because the gas supply is centrally controlled and they don't have to manage individual and huge quantities of LPG cylinders.

LPG reticulated system (cylinder bank/tank)


Complete turnkey solution


Ensuring uninterrupted gas supply and smooth operation


Best quality equipment and highest safety standard


Periodic maintenance & after sales service