Omera Gas One Ltd. is established in 2016 as a joint venture company between Omera Petroleum Ltd. in Bangladesh and Saisan Co., Ltd. in Japan to cater to a growing demand for Bangladesh’s need of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

The main business field of Omera Gas One Ltd. are as below; (i) Selling bulk LPG to consumers of residential, commercial and industrial complexes through development of gas infrastructures.

(ii) Construction, operation and management of LPG auto gas stations for sale of LPG to automotive customers

(iii) Import, Storage, Sales and Marketing of auto gas conversion kits.

Omera Gas One is committed to contribute to the improvement of people’s life in Bangladesh with support of two Shareholders.

Introduction of Shareholders

Omera Petroleum Ltd. (OPL): OPL was established in 2015 in Bangladesh as subsidiary of MJL Bangladesh who is one of East Coast Group. OPL is one of leading LPG importers and distributors which have state-of-art standard import terminal in Mongla and filling stations in Mongla, Ghorashal, Bogra and Chittagong. East Coast Group is a strong, reputable conglomerate enterprise in Bangladesh established in 1977 engaged in trading of various commodities, power station equipment, helicopters and accessories, power generation, engineering, shipping, manufacturing, corporate finance, banking, insurance, logistics and distributions.

Saisan Co., Ltd. (Saisan) : Saisan was established in 1945, started as a medical gas supplier in Japan. Later Saisan expanded services to industrial gas, LPG, drinking water and electricity sales. Saisan is one of the major LPG distributors in Japan and successfully expanded the global business to China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Australia by transferring the long-experiences safety technology. Saisan endeavors to become a premier company of general energy and life-related business in Asia-Pacific region in 2045, the 100th anniversary.