Iftar Mahfil: Ramadan Meet 2015

A nationwide Iftar Mahfil was organized during the Holy Month Of Ramadan 2015. It bought together a total of 4420 participants distributed among 80 different venues nationwide. The program included 120 Distributors and 4000 Retailers, thus initiating the first ever Mega Trade Loyalty Program in the industry. Such initiative created an emotional & rational bonding with all valued business partners and helped OPL earn credibility, essential for a sustainable & resourceful-relationship.

Moreover another attempt by Omera LPG as a part of the Trade Loyalty Program was organizing an Iftar Mahfil which this time around covered 82 locations all over the country and was able to incorporate a staggering number of 7800 participants. This figure was significantly greater than the Trade Loyalty Program undertaken by Omera LPG before.

Apart from the nationwide execution of the Iftar Mahfil, Two mega events were organized in both Dhaka & Chittagong. The event in Dhaka took place at Bangabandhu International Conference Center hosting around 500 participants, whereas the event in Chittagong took place in Hotel Agrabad with 230 participants respectively.

The entirety of the event reached out to about 7,200 Retailers and 135 Distributors. It was an imperative corporate gesture that left significant impact on Omera LPG’s trade relationships.