Marine Fleet

The abundant river-routes of Bangladesh that hold huge possibilities of a seamlessly brilliant distribution channel have never been explored before by the industry before Omera Princess. OPL has invested significantly in creating this self-propelled LPG carrying Barge in the name of Omera Princess, based on European & Japanese technologies. The sole utility and collaboration of such a facility in the industry has exemplified a revolution in itself.

The Barge has a capacity to move 300 tons of LPG via river ways and coastal areas of Bangladesh. It was built under the supervision of Belgium based DEC-Parlym at Radiant Shipyard, Rupganj and delivered for Operations on Fall 2014. Two more barges are expected to join the fleet in 2017.

Omera is also taking delivery of two more fleets, including Omera King, to join it's fleet in 2017.